#cometogether - campaign

- Supporting a good cause together -

In the last year we were able to plant more than 1100 trees with your help! That means a newly planted area of about 1,7km² that already absorbed tonnes of CO2 and made an positive impact on climate change. The success of the #PickAndPlant campaign showed one thing: Together we can cause positive impact und change! So why should we not expend our engagement and support additional projects? So in March 2017 the #ComeTogether-Campaign was brought to life.


How it´s done:

At the bottom on the watches product pages you find the article "#ComeTogether-Campaign". Choose the project you would like to support in the dropdown menu and put this article in your shopping basket. By ordering this article you donate 2,50€. 2nd Liar puts the same amount on top of your donation. So together we donate 5€ to the project you chose.


Follwing projects can be supported:

#ChildhoodCancerHelp - more information here!

#HelpForStreetDogs - more information here!

#OceanWithoutPlastic - more information here!



The #PickAndPlant will of course continue in the year 2017. So for each of your order, you will plant a tree in cooperation with I PLANT A TREE®. Find more information about the #PickAndPlant here!